May 17, 2022


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When the year 2020 crosses our minds, what global event do we immediately attribute to it? Let’s give you some clues; it’s an incident that caused the shutdown of schools, the establishment of a general lockdown protocol for countries in the world, loss of lives and sources of livelihood, and a decline in the economic system globally. Yes, we are talking about one of the biggest pandemics in the history of mankind; the Coronavirus.

While the pandemic caused the world a lot of pain, it would be healing for us not to focus our attention only on the negative side of the event, but on the positive outcome, it birthed. For example, it created opportunities for exploration and discoveries, allowed family members to bond, and shined the spotlight on the prestigious and functional accessory no one except doctors cared about, the nose masks.

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, people all over the world were mandated and advised to wear nose masks in public places and events. However, with the virus slowly being regarded as old news, we find some people discarding their masks and attending gatherings without any form of protection. This is very bad and unsafe.

Isn’t UCJ Unilorin amazing? We care about your overall well-being, which is why we are going to try to convince you why you still need to wear your nose mask.

Not to brag, but we are pretty sure after the few points listed below; you will either passionately search your wardrobe for old masks, or run to the market to buy new ones. Try to stay open-minded as we present our case.


Surprised? You probably expected me to mention something about keeping you safe or other health-related reasons. Staying healthy and safe is necessary, but knowledge and information are more necessary, which is why you have to get them at all costs, including talking to your friends at the wrong place and time.

Listen up; I’m about to let you guys in on a big secret. Remember before Corona when you wanted to tell your friend something so badly (probably something about the cute boy who just walked in) but couldn’t because of the lecturer in class? Great news! You can now do so by wearing a nose mask.

The nose mask helps hide your mouth, making anyone who sees you not notice your lips moving when you talk. So, you can have those little chit-chats in class without your lecturer knowing.

Cover up acne and pimples

Gone are the days when we worry about covering up an annoying pimple that suddenly pops up on our faces. Sometimes, to make our faces look presentable when stuff like this happens, many of us apply concealer to the pimple spot every day.

It would pay you to know that I know of a temporary solution that can cover up the pimples on your face, starting from your nose area to your chin; it’s called the nose mask. It offers to conceal your pimples and makes you feel less uncomfortable.

Unknown Identity

Picture this: Walking down the road one day, you see someone familiar waving at you from afar. You grunt, wishing the person never saw you because he/she is the last person you want to see at that moment. Save yourself from this awkward situation by wearing a nose mask.

The nose mask is just like a cloak of invisibility, possessing the ability to avoid easy recognition. When people see you wearing a nose mask, they have to properly look at you before concluding if it’s you. So, this allows you to divert in another direction before they finish their assessment.

Say the wrong things and get away with them.


Have you ever felt anxious or nervous when asked a question? You felt your legs shaking and sweat forming on your palms when you did not attempt and became a laughing stock.

With the nose mask, you could mumble a few incoherent words, and the person who asked you the question might think you said something meaningful, even if it isn’t the correct answer. For example, during a political discussion among your friends, you are asked for your opinion regarding a governmental policy implemented recently. Thanks to wearing your nose mask, you could narrate the plotline of a political drama you watched. The trick is, nose masks make you sound inaudible while you wear them, so your friends won’t fully understand what you said and assume you have a right and informed opinion.

It makes you look cool.

Nose masks are becoming a fashion trend thanks to fashion designers transforming and upgrading the new-must-have accessory into a high-fashion piece.

Who can forget the trend of black nose masks? I remember returning to school after the opening ban got lifted. I observed that almost everyone was wearing black surgical nose masks. The reason why most of them wore it was it measured if you are cool or not, testing your trend adaptability.

So, if you want to add an extra spice of coolness to your outfit, the nose mask is just one call away.


I don’t know how court proceedings or debates work, but with these few points of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not to confuse you about the need for you to wear a nose mask.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention a crucial point; safety. Seriously, guys, Coronavirus is still in the country, so you should protect yourself. Health is wealth, people!

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