May 26, 2022


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By Ojone Bashira Yahaya

A whole lot has been and will continue to be said about procrastination and how it hampers growth and progress but we continually see it manifest in many people regardless……….I am a culprit.

Save for procrastination, my first article should have been out many donkey months ago. Excuses upon excuses. I honestly feel it is inherent in human nature to always seek ease and comfort hence the “there is still time attitude” we often tell ourselves.  I am not proud of this but I seem to have perfectly mastered the art of procrastination and I do it for nearly everything except for worship and a few works. If you know of a support group for procrastinators or repentant procrastinators, please kindly recommend it to me, it’ll be of significant help to my resolve to stop procrastinating. Lol!

Recently, something happened that led me to keep thinking about this retrogressive habit I and a lot of others have cultivated. I had an idea about a fantastic project I had been thinking of for almost a year, actualizing this idea would not have taken much from me. I just needed to speak to a few people and boom! It would have happened.  But guess what, procrastinating Bashira never even mentioned the idea to anyone, this amazing idea slept in my head for so long that God delivered it to another person to execute(I think!). A while ago, I just saw that someone else had the idea and probably shared it with the right people who together worked to the actualization of that project and I was just but a spectator even though I had conceived this idea a long time ago and I had/have all it took to bring it to life. 

It was a bitter-sweet moment for me because, this idea was not just going to benefit me but a whole lot of other people so I am glad they’ll finally get to benefit from the opportunities that the project will birth but at the same time, I felt sad about losing out on initiating and pioneering such an amazing program that’ll benefit a lot of people.

I have since learned from this and many other scenarios that you are most likely not the only person that has “your” idea, there might be variations from person to person but I promise you, several other people have conceived similar ideas as you. What is hindering them might just be procrastination like me or it might be a lack of resources or something else I don’t know, what I am sure of, however, is that the idea is out there.

What eventually stands out to people we come to know as innovators or pioneers of things is taking “ACTION”. Getting over themselves and putting in the work to bring their ideas to life. So if you need any motivation to stop procrastinating and get to work, here it is. You might just be procrastination away from that billion-dollar innovation, a stepping stone to showcasing your talent, the giant step to reaching your career goals, your dream school grade or whatever it is you are into. Get up and start taking those baby steps and I hope every one of you finds success in your endeavours or at the very least, the motivation to keep pushing.

On a lighter note, I am Bashira Ojone Yahaya, a committed Muslimah, a student, YouTuber, lazy writer and reader and I do some other stuff sha……errm, you will know them as we get to know ourselves better in future. I guess you’ll be reading more of my thoughts as I battle procrastination and commit to writing more articles. Until next time, ss

Stay Jiggy! 

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