August 19, 2022


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World Record November9

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Arba’een/Arba’een Pilgrimage (Shia Islam, 2017)
Inventors’ Day in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Muhammad Iqbal’s Day in Pakistan
1822 – USS Alligator (pictured) engaged three piratical schooners off the coast of Cuba in one of the West Indies anti-piracy operations of the United States.
1914 – World War I: In the Cocos Islands, the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney sank SMS Emden, the last active Central Powers warship in the Indian Ocean.
1938 – Kristallnacht began as SA stormtroopers and civilians destroyed and ransacked Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues in Germany and Austria, resulting in at least 90 deaths and the deportation of over 30,000 others to concentration camps.
1989 – Günter Schabowski mistakenly announced the immediate opening of the inner German border, causing the fall of Berlin Wall that night.
2016 – A tram derailed in Croydon, United Kingdom, killing seven people.

Source: Duta


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