August 10, 2022


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World’s Richest Footballer, Worth An Estimated $20 Billion

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When you talk about the world’s richest footballer and who it might be, the household names will pop into your brain – your Ronaldos, Messis and Beckhams of the world.
They’ve all made an absolute fortune thanks to their handy careers on the pitch, and mega commercial/marketing deals arranged off it.
But what if we told you it was actually some 19-year-old kid who plays in Leicester City’s reserves? Yup, the world’s richest footballer is none other than Faiq Bolkiah, who’s worth an estimated $20 billion (£14 billion).
Footballers are known for making money – many would argue an unfairly large amount – but oddly for Faiq that’s not actually the reason why he’s totally wadded. As well as being a sportsman, Faiq is also the nephew of Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei.
Born in LA, the talented winger has been playing over in England for a while now – having started out at AFC Newbury when he was younger.
In 2009 Southampton then added Faiq to its academy, and in 2013, despite not having a contract, Arsenal offered him a trial. He competed with them in the 2013 Lion City Cup – even landing a goal in the competition.
Chelsea then offered him a two-year deal, though after just one year Faiq left to join Leicester on a three-year contract.
He’s yet to make a first team appearance for Leicester, but he’s played for Brunei a fair bit – representing his country a total of nine times, and scoring once. But as we said, Faiq’s wealth doesn’t come from his footballing career so much as his filthy rich fam.
When Faiq was seven, his dad Jefri decided to celebrate his 50th birthday in quite literally the most lavish way ever – roping in Michael Jackson to perform a private concert for the family. The price tag for that one? A cool £12.5 million ($17 million).


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