May 19, 2022


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By Shola-Adio Oladotun

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, wear a beautiful dress along with some amazing accessory pieces, and go to school. When you get to school, people are blown away by how gorgeous you look, so they start to compliment you.

The compliments last throughout the day, and gaining confidence from what these people said, you decide to take a picture of yourself. As the camera clicks, you are excited at the prospects of gathering so many likes and comments on social media, you even dream big about becoming a trending hashtag on Twitter the next morning. However, your hopes are dashed the next day when you check your phone only to see that you have low or no comments and likes.

You sit in a corner wondering what went wrong; probably someone hacked your account and deleted all your likes and comments  or the people who said you were beautiful yesterday lied. There is only one possible answer to your bothering questions; your picture was bad. 

There are certain things to consider when taking pictures, and, sadly, some people don’t know about it or follow the rules guiding those things. So in this article, we are going to give you tips on how to take that your picture-taking skills to the next level. 

Know your angles 

What are angles? Simply put, angles are like those friends you never realize how important they are until you are told. The importance of angle can never be over-emphasized, which is why there is a need for you to know what angle works best for you. 

Knowing your angle enables you to understand what position suit you, where the lighting would hit better, and ho w to better reveal your figure. Angles are everything when it comes to taking the perfect picture. So ensure you have a proper understanding of what angle suits you best.

Lighting is your best friend

If there is one element of photography that you want to cling onto like a jealous girlfriend, it has to be proper lighting in a picture. As an unpopular saying goes, “sometimes what may be lacking in an almost perfect picture is proper lighting.”

When it comes to lighting, ensure you are getting all of it but not too much. Most times it is advisable to take outdoor pictures because the beautiful golden rays of the sun add an element of natural beauty to your picture. And sometimes when you find yourself indoors, probably at that fancy restaurant with a nice interior design, try to look for the best well-lilted spot in the room, probably somewhere closer to the window. 

Also, please try to avoid using the flashlight except in situations where it is badly needed. 

Try different poses


Dear reader(s), please don’t be a one pose Susan whose pictures always show her in the same position.  Taking pictures is all about creativity and what better way to unleash that creative genius in you than doing crazy poses, giving different facial expressions, and interacting with objects or people in your environment. 

Most people believe that they have to be fashion models before posing well, which is a very wrong notion. You don’t have to be a model before you can take that gorgeous high fashion editorial picture. It is pertinent to know that when posing, you should ensure all the parts of your body are not stiff (i.e the are giving different kinds of body language) Like Tyra banks would say, when posing, always pose H2T (head to toe).

The ability of your phone camera

You don’t know the ability of a tool until you fully understand it. The same thing goes for phone cameras. To capture the perfect shot, you need to know what your camera is capable of. Know the number of pixels the camera has, the auto mode, and how it focuses and takes exposure to light. Familiarize yourself with your phone features. This will allow you to understand how to go about taking pictures with different settings. 

Please DON’T click on the zoom  button

To achieve a high-quality picture you so much desire, you only have to follow one simple rule; Never zoom in. When taking a picture, try to refrain from using the digital zoom button because not does it reduce the quality, it also adds a little bit of the blur effect. If you want to take a picture of an object far away, just move closer to the picture. 

Backgrounds are very important. 

Here is a list of some cliche backgrounds to avoid when taking a picture; the gate, the window, the car, etc. Rather than use all these mentioned backgrounds, you can use something different, beautiful and natural , like the scenery of a land filled with trees as a backdrop. This will make your picture look natural, cool, and unique. 

Backgrounds are layouts that serve as a form of the physical setting for your picture. Remember this; Whenever you want to take a picture, ensure your background is beautiful and compliments your outfit. 

Be artistic

Gone are the days when “normal pictures” were still a thing, now people are attracted to “over-the-top-creative pictures.” If you want your picture to leave everyone marveling at its beauty, then you would want to lean towards the artistic aspect of picture taking. 

Making your pictures look beautiful and artistic makes them memorable. You can achieve this by playing with effects, positioning of the camera, shutter speed, ISO, backgrounds, lighting among many others. 

Get yourselves the best editing tools

After posing for your pictures, what comes next? Editing. Editing is the last process in picture-taking. It is the step where you give your picture that extra “huh” it needs to wreck the Internet. Most times, editing involves retouching, adding filters, digitally changing backgrounds, and adding text or graphical illustrations. 

With the right editing tools and apps like photoshop and adobe lightroom, you are going to create an amazing end product. You can also try free editing apps on your smartphone. 

Hello, Gridlines!

One of the best tips that help in taking quality pictures is the use of gridlines. What the gridlines do is place lines on your screen based on the rule of thirds, a composition principle which states a photograph should be broken into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. This makes your picture seem more balanced and pleasing to the eye (digital branding institute). 

Gridlines can be found in the settings list.

There you have it guys, our nine amazing tips to take your picture from a 3 to a 9 or 10. You don’t have to be or know  a professional photographer before taking good pictures, all you have to do is follow certain tips, especially the ones above and you are ready to upload a picture that will leave social media users in awe. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this article?

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