May 17, 2022


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YULETIDE: “There’s no better time to say ‘Thank You Unilorites’ than Now” — Pres. Passion

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In the spirit of the yuletide, tonight, the Students’ Union president of the University of Ilorin, President Okoko Wisdom Oluwaseun popularly known as Passion, has in a press release from his office extended appreciations to prominent individuals in the University community in commemoration of the yuletide season, most specifically, to the student colleagues, his governing councils members, and the university management.

In the release titled “CURTAIN DRAWS (2019), Okoko states how incredible the honour of serving his student colleagues as president has been to him even though, according to him, it “has been a tough tale down the path”.

Below is the full Press statement:


Once again, as always, the season of laughter, family, joy, and tasty fried chicken is upon us. Surely, the season may not be all about the merriment but about the birth of Jesus Christ and the message it brings. A message of hope, unity, and love.

Before the year runs out, I just want to express what an incredible honour it has been so far to serve you as President. It’s been a tough tale down this path but somehow we have been able to weather all the storm and make it to the last month through hard work, diligence, commitment, and passion.

As we celebrate tomorrow, the eventful 2019 calendar will be drawing to a close in a couple of days and as we prepare to embrace the new year, there is no better time to say thank you to everyone for being a significant part of the Better By Far University.

I am inestimably grateful to the University Management for creating a conducive learning environment for us as I also express my profound gratitude to the Student Affairs Unit for preserving morals and inspiring good character amongst our students.

To my fellow executives and officials of the Student Union, I can’t thank you enough for excelling in your respective capacities. We are here, we have been through a lot and we are still in business.

During the year our resolve as students has been tested both individually and collectively. Our transport service had a moment of industrial action, we all have had to leave home by morning to get through 8 am – 6 pm classes, had to write extemporary class tests, huge tasking assignments, and opened our school portals to stumble across some grades that are most times heart-breaking and perhaps unpredictably depressing.

These past twelve months, some of us have experienced psychological, social, medical and emotional breakdowns. We have lost loved ones, friends, gone through days where we have to loan funds from friends to keep pulling through. Some of us have been victimized by crime or other socially unacceptable vices and it’s taken a ton of our individual and collective energy to get back on our feet. It really has been a challenging year but I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

So today, I want to seize this opportunity to thank the thousands of students who despite all the challenges they go through, still find a way to light up our lives and brighten the university community. Thank you for turning out en-mass to our academic, trade, sports, social and parliamentary events.

Thank you for all the patience and understanding as of when we began rebranding the value system. We have been through trying moments of decision making as leaders but the understanding from every single one of you has been valuable for the well-being of our dear Union.

Additionally, I am also sending a heart-warming thank you to every amazing Parent & Guardian who despite the harsh economic situations of our country, works twice as hard throughout the year to provide financial and moral support to us. Life would never have been the same without you. We are grateful.

This year, our university has entered competitions and won a lot of medals and honours, we have been represented on various platforms within and outside the shores of our country and excelled extraordinarily. Truly, some other universities haven’t been able to do what we have done.

As we approach the New Year, let us enjoy the spirit of the Christmas season and remember that love and kindness to others will last all year round. To this end, on behalf of the Student Union Executives, the Senate Council, the Judicial Council, UICPC, Faculty Executives, Departmental Executives and on behalf of the forthcoming First Semester Examinations, With love from my heart, I warmly wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, a wonderful festive season and a very happy New Year in advance. May the season’s sweetness make you find joy and laughter in abundance.

I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year. Kindly don’t forget to stop by with a piece of chicken when you return..Lol.

God bless you and your family
God bless the University of Ilorin.
God bless our dear country, Nigeria”

OKOKO, Wisdom Oluwaseun (Passion) Executive President Student Union, University of Ilorin (2019/2020)

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